DURABROADS Project holds workshop in Brussels

BxlOn 20 June, DURABROADS organised a workshop in Brussels to present the project’s results to asphalt experts from Europe.

DURABROADS is developing more durable and resilient asphalt pavements to better deal with the impact of climate change and freight transport on infrastructure. The main novelty of the project lies in the use of nanotechnologies and more sustainable processes in asphalt pavement. The latter refers to new elements in bitumen-modified asphalt, aimed at improving performance.

More specifically, the project is looking into the combination of Warm Mix Asphalt with nanotechnology on the binder side, while using Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and slags on the aggregate side. The nanotechnology is based on the use of carbon derived nanomaterial to improve the properties of the final asphalt mixtures.

At the final stages of the project, the consortium is elaborating on the environmental and economic performance reports of the bitumen-modified asphalt as well as its market exploitation strategy. The consortium will present the final results in a conference to be held in Madrid on 12 September.

Ultimately, DURABROADS results should:

  • Promote of innovation and sustainability in the asphalt industry via the development of innovative elements and advances in circular economy implementation.  
  • Facilitate market deployment through the inclusion of Green Public Procurement Criteria (resource efficient construction, maintenance and rehabilitation strategies) and international cooperation with the US.

 For further information, please contact José Díez:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.